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A journey on women’s impact to creating a better world: Women’s Pavilion

Women have always played an essential role in building societies. They enrich the generations with culture and becomes a robust model in crises. Since the beginning, women have notably participated in different problems like climate change, gender-based violence, and economic recovery. However, even though they lead the world with their successful leadership, the question arises: Are women aware of their possible opportunities?

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Women Pavilion is an excellent platform introduced where all women around the globe can find their ways to interact and lead the way with innovation, tolerance, and prosperity. It aims to become a powerful global platform for women to excel and find prosperity for themselves.

Women Pavilion launch at Dubai World Expo

The Women’s Pavilion at Expo 2020 got launched on Wednesday night 27th October at Al Wasl Plaza. Many celebrities, influencers, and government officials were present at its opening. Reem Al Hashimy, the Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director-General of Expo 2020 Dubai, was also present. The opening ceremony featured artists like poet Emi Mahmoud and ballet dancers Diana Vishneva and Denis Savin. Collaborated with Cartier, this Women’s Pavilion launch is an excellent reminder of women’s empowerment and fight for its equality throughout the globe.

This pavilion is dedicated to all women who made advanced contributions to society. The theme mainly focused on the challenges women faced in all fields before and after the pandemic.

As per the World Economic Forum, unfortunately, covid-19 has added another 30 years to the disparity in the pay gap. For this, the government of UAE is also taking significant initiatives to educate females about their possibilities and support them for their efforts. For example, the 2018 rule by the UAE government ensures women are paid equally like their male colleagues. Hence as a result and as per the UN’s Gender Inequality Index, UAE ranks at 18th position globally for female empowerment.

Expo 2020 Dubai & Business Opportunities for women

The women Pavilion empowers women and guides them about the possible business, economic, and productive prospects they can avail. Hence, the Pavilion is categorized into three parts: how much positive impacts women have made under many hindrances, their global initiatives, and how to provide a safe space where they can discuss and support their vision on society contribution.

Following are some of the events that show that were dedicated for women.

Women’s Pavilion, Dubai World Expo

13 Oct 21- A roundtable discussion was held to promote women-led business sustainability.

14 Oct 21- Connecting minds, creating the future

The Minister of Women, Family, Gender, and Child Protection of Senegal encouraged the audience via her vision.

18 Oct 21- Launch of She Trades Global Dubai, ITC, and Dubai Industries and Exports. This initiative was to connect women entrepreneurs with buyers and investors around the globe.

20 Oct 21- Space4Women - Challenges and Opportunities for Women in Space- Led by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) to explore women’s opportunities in the space field.

22 Oct 21- Women and Career Progression- The event covered gender-balanced policies for providing women economic empowerment in their careers.

10 Nov 21- The UAE Gender Balance Council did a session to highlight the prospects for Emirati women in parliamentary work. It included essential speakers like H.E. Naema Al

Mansouri, Member of the Federal National Council, be moderated by H.E. Shamsa Saleh, Secretary-General of the UAE Gender Balance Council.

16 Nov 21- Women’s World Majlis | Talked about tolerance and inclusivity for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

22 Nov 21- Launch Event: The Power of Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs

UN Women and NAMA Women Advancement launched a helping program for UAE-based women entrepreneurs. Expo 2020 Dubai & Business Opportunities for women have become directly proportional to each other. Through such mentoring programs, the women’s business community gets to experience better guidance and learn insightful techniques.

6 Dec 21- The UAE’s Experience in Achieving Sustainable Development- Hosted by The General Women’s Union, promoted the importance of women’s empowerment and their achievements in the United Arab Emirates. This event covered “The Fifth Sustainable Development Goal.”

31 Jan 22- Women’s World Majlis | Women on the Frontline or in the Line of Fire?

The event highlighted existing gender inequalities and the acute challenges of being a frontline female healthcare worker during the Covid-19 crisis.

23 Feb 22- How Gender Diversity Creates Innovation, Increased Revenues, and Sustainability

Representatives from the UAE government, local businesspeople, MEA pavilions, and the Norwegian business delegation discussed how diversity could increase innovation, revenue, and sustainability.

The events at Women Pavilion are still happening until the end of the Dubai World Expo. And, till now, they have motivated many female entrepreneurs to come and run their businesses with more confidence and assurance. Whether it is science, economy, or business, women have always worked and created a positive impact everywhere. Thus, a platform like Pavilion Expo and a reliable workplace like UAE can uplift their achievement to a whole new level.


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